In 2010, on the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our circle of writers came together, sharing our love of the written word and a deep commitment to helping one another develop as authors.

We decided to unite and share our talents with one another through an authors’ consortium, enabling us to maintain high standards while allowing personal retention of copyrights and the income from the project.

Now, we offer our experience to others.



Personal  |  Professional  |  Powerful

We believe that when our professional skills are collectively applied and the team is personally invested, the product is strong.

We share the weight of the publication process and engage and encourage those authors whose work the world needs to read.

The resulting organization is something new.

Outside projects are taken on a case-by-case basis. We offer the chance for peer review, editing by native English speakers, text layout, and graphic design services - all while allowing the author to keep the royalties for his/her project and charging a reasonable, flat fee for services rendered.


Have a completed manuscript

that you want to publish but
don't know how?
We can help!


Need another set of eyes?
Need a native English speaker

to go over a project?
We are ready to help.


Presentation is everything.
Prepare your audience for the good stuff inside!


Make your work

look professional
and clean.

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